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Meet our Farmers

One of our favourites, this tour will  delight your senses. Visit the farms, many with views of the Glass House Mountains. Meet the growers, taste the food, buy some to take home, and find out where you can buy the products in the future. After this tour you will be more convinced than ever to buy local.
Among the crops grown here are macadamia nuts, pineapples, finger limes, citrus, custard apples, honey, figs, lychees, strawberries, avocados, mangoes, passion fruit, native plants, water plants and vegetables of all kinds. This tour takes you to meet local Glasshouse Country farmers, fitting in with their work schedule and seasonal growth. You will see how the food is grown, taste it, and learn where it is sold so you can always buy local food from a farmer you know. Of course, the tour takes guests all around the beautiful Glass House Mountains, so it is like two tours in one. You will admire the view from the farmer’s “office” in this magnificent rural setting. Guests will be able to buy produce and visit the local fruit markets which stock a full range of local produce. It will encourage you to detour to Steve Irwin Way on a regular basis to source this great range of food.
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